Gaston Records celebrated recording artist Allen Brown is one of today’s most inspiring guitarists. His songs are rich with smooth soulful melodic melodies full of heart and passion. Through the creative combination of acoustic and electric guitars, he shares his stories with economy and paints an image through unspoken instrumental music.

Allen was born and raised in San Francisco, California when the musical culture was rich and alive. He aspired to play guitar in the tradition of Jimmi Hendrix, Carlos Santana, Neal Schon, Eric Clapton, George Benson & William Ackerman. He spent years studying with legendary guitar players such as Joe Satriani & Marc Bonilla. Today he is a versatile musician with many recording and production experiences.

His music experience began in the 80's, where at age fifteen he and his band "Split Rails" recorded their first demo in the home studio of Bay Area Red Rocker, Sammy Hagar. The demo was produced by Sammy's drummer, Dave Lauser. The demo was then mixed by Tom Scholz of the lengendary rock band "Boston".

By the mid 90's Allen's instrumental song "Rush Hour" (produced by Troy Luccketta - Tesla) was aired daily on local radio station KSJO. "Rush Hour" received national acclaim in Recording Magazine which centered a feature article.

He has had the fortunate opportunities to work with the following credited artists and producers; Dave Lauser (Sammy Hagar), Troy Luccketta (Tesla), Dave Moreno (Marc Bonilla/Ronnie Montrose), Tom Scholz (Boston), Wade Olson (Craig Chaquico), Derek Ponter (Great White/Jack Russell), Jerry Merrill (Faldos Toy), Mike Rosen, Kris Gustofson (Trauma), Sandy Perlman (Blue Oyster Cult), Lonnie Walters (Boz Scaggs), Howard Whales (Jimmie Hendrix), Aubrey Ashburn, Mike Anderson (Big Blue Hearts)and Larry Frantangelo (Anita Baker/Red Hot Chilly Peppers).

Allen is a proud member of NAMM, The Recording Academy, Guitar Foundation of America, Bread & Roses and ASCAP.

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